Complete Season Montage of calls Don Bailey Jr & Joe Zagacki worked into UM broadcasts

The Hochman and Crowder show feed DBJ & Joe Z lines all season long
UM radio broadcasters Joe Z and Don Bailey Jr
UM radio broadcasters Joe Z and Don Bailey Jr

Miami Hurricanes radio analyst Don Bailey Jr is already a fan favorite on the Hochman and Crowder show but after his performance this season, he has certainly elevated his status.

For years, DBJ has joined the show weekly before Hurricanes football games and is fed lines to work into the official radio broadcast on 560 the Joe WQAM. Bailey Jr, alongside the voice of The U - Joe Zagacki - have consistently brought it strong for Hoch and Crowder but they have never been better than they were in 2020.

“They were phenomenal all season,” said Hoch. “They were as good as any season that they’ve ever done this for us.”

Hochman and Crowder producer, Alejandro Solana, went into the lab and created a montage of the entire season of calls that DBJ and Joe Z worked into the broadcasts on the shows behalf: