Nick Sirianni tries to inspire Eagles with bizarre flower analogy

By , SportsRadio 94WIP

The Eagles are 2-5 and heading into a game against a winless Detroit Lions team that could potentially end their season if they lose.

Speaking Wednesday, head coach Nick Sirianni shared the message he gave to the team to try to get them to stick together through these tough times — and it involved an analogy of a growing flower.

Here is Sirianni’s full quote:

"There's got to be a message that I have to keep everybody together and keep everybody sticking to what we really want to do. This is what I said to the team today is that I said the results aren't there right now, but what's going on here is that there's growth under the soil. I put a picture of a flower up, and it's coming through the ground, and the roots are growing out. The roots are continuing to grow out. Everybody wants to see results. Shoot, nobody wants to see results more than us, right? We want to see results too.

But it's really important that the foundation is being built and that the roots are growing out. And the only way the roots grow out every single day and they gro