Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut January 21, 2020

Photo credit Elen11/GETTYIMAGES

America is headed back to the moon, in 2024, more than fifty years after the last astronauts made the two-hundred-forty-thousand mile trip home. Just like last time, Connecticut will play a major role in the next series of lunar missions called Orion.


‘Temps’ may be low, but there are still plenty of opportunities to get out and about this winter in Connecticut. In fact, this weekend in particular features all kinds of outdoor events and activities that celebrate the chilly delights this season brings.

From ice fishing to rooftop igloos—here are a few suggestions for things to do this weekend in Connecticut!!CLICK HERE TO ENTER TO WIN THE JANUARY CTVISIT PRIZEPACK!!!!

The lucky winner of the January C-T-visit Prize Pack will receive:

Two passes, each good for free admission for four, to Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo. Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport is the state’s only zoo featuring primarily North and South American animals and several endangered species, including two rare Amur Leopard cubs. And it’s open all year round!

Two VIP tickets to Fright Haven’s Valentine’s Day Event in Stratford. Fright Haven is back with a special three-night-only Valentine’s Day-themed haunted house that’ll give you a peak into the ultimate date night gone wrong. Fright Haven is Connecticut’s largest and scariest indoor Haunted House attraction that features frightening events during and after Halloween.

And, you’ll also receive some awesome Connecticut swag, including a tote bag and T-shirt.