BT: Fair to question if Brian Daboll is a 'one-year wonder'


Considering the way the Giants have lost their three games so far this season, BT doesn’t blame any fans that are losing hope in Brian Daboll.

“This year makes me question whether or not we were a little premature to anoint the coach as the next Bill Parcells,” BT said. “These Giants have no spirit, no discipline, no camaraderie. They look like a McAdoo or Judge coached team.

“This Giants team, from the first quarter of the first game of the year, have not been ready to play, and I drop that on the doorstep of the head coach. He has been bad this season.”

Sal asked if BT himself still believes in Daboll, but it is hard for him to dispute the argument that he has already coached his best days.

“I don’t nearly believe in him with the conviction I once did, to the point where maybe we were all wrong in these early assessments of what Brian Daboll is,” BT said. “We all lauded Brian Daboll…when you can’t tackle, and when there is not an ounce of discipline, that is the head coach.

“You tell me right now Brian Daboll is a one-year wonder, I can’t say that you’re wrong.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports