BT: Giants win was more important than draft positioning


Some Giants fans were frustrated that Big Blue pulled off an upset win over the Commanders, as it set the team back from a top draft pick that can be used to select their next franchise quarterback.

BT doesn’t subscribe to that mindset.

“Yesterday’s win is more important than draft slot,” BT said. “I understand the opposition to that, but it was so ugly, so off the rails, too many weeks when they weren’t even competitive, I think they needed to stabilize things to change the narrative.

“I get the pushback, you want to draft at one, two, or three to get a quarterback, understood…but the win, given recent events, should supersede draft position.”

BT believed a win Sunday was needed for the sake of the Giants culture and their current regime, but Sal, who is typically against tanking of any kind, disagreed.

“In the end, it’s just another win against the crappy Washington Commanders that is going to cost you a chance at potentially drafting a franchise quarterback,” Sal said. “Which you definitely need.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Ron Jenkins | Getty Images