C-Mac rips Giants after 'embarrassing' loss: 'Welcome back to hell!'


C-Mac was not a happy camper opening his show shortly after the Giants were dismantled by the Seahawks on Monday night.

For C-Mac, it was an all-too familiar feeling as a fan, where the football season is over in early October, and Big Blue once again feels like a train wreck, which many thought was in the rearview mirror with the arrivals of Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll.

“We found out who they are. They’re an awful football team,” C-Mac said. “Welcome back to where we’ve been for the last five years. Last year was the exception, not the rule. We are right back into it.

“They’re not beating the Dolphins after a miserable loss to Buffalo. They are not winning at Buffalo. It’s over. The Giants are looking at 1-5, and that is the end of an NFL season, folks.”

C-Mac is used to pain as a Giants fan, especially over the past decade, and it feels like he’s right back to that norm after a tease last year.

“Yet again, here we are,” C-Mac said. “The Giants season is dead in the first week of October.

“Welcome back to hell!”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Al Bello | Getty Images