Sal goes off on 'crappy' Giants after believing in team since preseason


Sal has long maintained faith in the Giants, believing they were contenders before the season started, and maintaining that they were still playoff bound after losing to the 49ers last week.

After a blowout loss to the Seahawks on Monday night, Sal’s faith in Big Blue has finally been broken.

“I’ve been wearing it with this damn team all year long, and I’m done with it!” Sal said. “I’ve been backing them, even after I knew better! I backed them coming into the year, I backed them after that unbelievably bad performance on Sunday Night Football.

“I backed them because I saw last year, and in the second half against Arizona, Brian Daboll and Daniel Jones. That is why I believed in this crappy Giants football team. Special teams is a joke. They can’t tackle. Daniel Jones has regressed…what has happened to Brian Daboll and Daniel Jones?”

Sal can’t even back the head coach right now, who he has long believed in.

“I don’t know what to believe anymore,” Sal said. “I thought Ben McAdoo was good….I thought Joe Judge was good, he turned out to be a disaster. I swore Brian Daboll was good. Right now, this is unacceptable.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Sarah Stier | Getty Images