Sal: Aaron Rodgers injury exposed Jets 'weak infrastructure': 'The whole thing is a façade'


As the Jets now turn to Tim Boyle over Zach Wilson, Sal says the organization should be “ashamed” of itself for putting Wilson in a position where he was backing up a 39-year-old Aaron Rodgers before the season began.

“Aaron Rodgers going down exposed the Jets infrastructure for being weak. Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh, obviously Zach Wilson. The whole thing, it’s a façade,” Sal said. “Lazard stinks, Garrett Wilson is overrated, they can’t run the football, the line is terrible, the defense talks a big game but doesn’t back it up most games. This is the reality of the Jets situation. It’s a disaster every which way.”

Now, as the season seemingly slips away, the Jets will turn to Tim Boyle after not getting a veteran quarterback to back up Rodgers before the season began, a decision that Sal says will haunt the team for a long time.

“Once Rodgers goes down, they needed to go out and get a real quarterback, because it was inevitable this was gonna happen,” Sal said.

“They stink.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Ethan Miller | Getty Images