Female Officer In Michigan Taped Beating 16-Year-Old Black Girl In Handcuffs [VIDEO]

police tape

(WWJ) A pair of Lansing police officers are under fire after they were caught on body camera footage beating a 16 year-old girl because she allegedly refused to get inside the patrol car.

She had tried to flee the officers' arrest attempt, per reports. When they caught her, things appeared to get ugly.

Videos circulating on the Internet show a girl screaming, "Stop punching me! Why is she punching me?" while a female officer hits her. The handcuffed girl bursts into tears.

"Put your leg in," the small, blonde female cop yells. 

The body cam footage was released by the department.

Officers Lindsey Howley and Bailey Ueber-roth have been placed on administrative leave while the department investigates. They had been with the department less than two years combined.

They say the girl was not injured. A 15-year-old boy was also arrested in the same incident that involved a police call for probation violations and runaway warrants.