Deer Leans Into Michigan Wedding Photo, Eats Bouquet [PHOTOS+VIDEO]

HOLLAND, Mich. (AP/WWJ) - A wild deer leaned into a wedding photo of a Michigan couple, making a memento of their big day all the more memorable.

The Detroit News reported that the friendly deer seemed drawn by Morgan Mackley's bouquet of flowers, walked up and began chomping on the roses.

The couple had just walked to the edge of a field with their wedding photographer during their reception last week in Holland in western Michigan.

The photographer, Laurenda Bennett, called it a "special moment" for the newly wed Morgan and her husband of just a few hours, Luke Mackley, when the deer approached.

"As soon as it spotted us, it walked right on over to Morgan and Luke and took interest in her bouquet immediately," Bennett told Insider. "He casually stepped over the fence and continued his quest to eat the flowers from Morgan's bouquet."

She was tickled by the wide interest, nationally and even overseas, in her photos of the unusual event. 

"No big deal, Good Morning America just sent me a text message," Bennett wrote on Facebook. "This has been one of the strangest/coolest weeks of my life!"

The couple surrendered the bouquet to the deer; and when they returned later, they saw he'd eaten all but one of the roses.

The deer itself has a claim to fame. He's a local celebrity of sorts known as the "Saugatuck Buck" having photobombed other couples during their engagement shoots.