Woman Carjacked In Parking Lot Of Bed, Bath & Beyond In Taylor, Kidnapped And Strangled

police tape

(WWJ) A heart-rending photo is making the rounds on Facebook, where a woman displays a throat criss-crossed with red marks, bruised and lacerated.

The woman was carjacked in the Bed Bath and Beyond parking lot at about 8 a.m. She was later forced to drive around the community, including a stop at an ATM to take out money.

The suspect eventually ordered the woman to exit the car on dead end Huron street, off Eureka, and assaulted her with a phone charging cord until she passed out. He left her lying on the ground as he fled the scene. 

She regained consciousness and ran to a local business to call police.

Per the police report, the incident began when the woman noticed the man in the parking lot, seemingly out of place. Uncomfortable, she stayed in the driver's seat until he passed by. When she tried to get out, he re-appeared and pointed a handgun in her face, she told police.

He told her to scoot over, and the nightmare began.

In the end, the woman told police she would seek medical attention on her own.

"I'm not sure on her medical condition. I've been advised, per our detectives, there are some pretty serious markings on her neck and a little bit hoarse in the voice," Taylor Police Chief John Blair told WWJ's Sandra McNeill.