20 cars crash on I-696, Metro Detroit freeways a mess

Metro Detroit freeways are a mess
Photo credit Charlie Langton/WWJ

The roads across metro Detroit gave drivers an unexpected taste of winter this morning, with icy, snowy conditions that made thoroughfares treacherous.

One crash along I-696 involved at least 20 cars. Another pile-up had part of I-94 closed.

Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw said drivers are learning the hard way that they have to slow down.

"I've probably said it about 15 times today but you just have to slow down," Shaw said. "Your car can't stop as fast as you think it can. If you have to jam on the brakes because you're following somebody too close, you're just going to spin out as well."

However, if you do crash, Shaw reminded drivers to stay in the car and call 911 -- Anything else is too dangerous.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Charlie Langton/WWJ