'Enough is enough': Detroit police launch Operation Restore Order

Detroit police car
Photo credit Vickie Thomas / WWJ, FILE

DETROIT (WWJ) -- Detroit police are saying “enough is enough,” as they look to crack down on crime in the city.

DPD launched “Operation Restore Order: ‘Enough is Enough,’” on Wednesday, a two-day enforcement initiative consisting of more than 100 uniformed and plainclothes officers looking to “purge the community of individuals who have outstanding warrants, participate in the sale of illegal narcotics, and/or possess illegal firearms.”

The first day of the operation on Wednesday targeted specific areas on the city’s west side, leading to 28 total arrests, consisting of 20 felony arrests, including one person accused of murder and one of a violent carjacking.

Day 1 also saw 11 firearms seized, three search warrants executed, 21 vehicles impounded, more than 400 ordinance violations issued and large number of drugs seized, including cocain, methamphetamines, heroin and opioid pills.

The second day of the operation on Thursday is focusing on the east side of the city, including near Warren and Conner, where interim Detroit Police Chief James White says they’re executing more of the same type of enforcement activity.

“The bottom line is, keep our city safe, keep our residents safe. We’re unapologetic about keeping our community safe,” White said at a press conference. “We’re gonna do the work necessary to make sure that the community is safe.”

White, speaking at the press conference, noted all officers will be wearing their body cameras.

“This is not about ‘stop and frisk,’” he said. “These are violent felons.”

White says the operation was launched as the city has seen a 16% increase in murders and 22% increase in non-fatal shootings compared to this time a year ago.

“The Detroit Police Department is committed to reducing crime within our communities and improving the quality of life for residents in the City of Detroit. We will continue our efforts in removing the criminal element from our neighborhoods and making this city, one of the safest place to live, work and play,” the Detroit Police Department said in a press release.

The crack down on crime comes after two children were killed by gun violence in the span of one week. Two-year-old Brison Christian was killed during a shooting on the freeway, while an 11-year-old boy and his dad were shot on Father’s Day.

“Those people who victimize our community, those people who carry illegal weapons, those people who shoot into cars indiscriminately, those who shoot young couples in their homes and bound and gag them, and are out as a parole violator -- those people, we’re going to address and we’re going to get them off the street,” White said.