Mission to save injured goose on Monroe river ends when it's discovered as a decoy

Rescuers try to free goose frozen on Detroit River
Photo credit Getty Images

A call to save an injured goose on a river in metro Detroit ended with a laugh when it was discovered the bird in question was actually a decoy.

The DNR said they received a phone call about a goose that was possibly injured on the Raisin River near Waterloo Park.

An officer arrived and requested help from Monroe Township Fire Rescue to get the goose off the ice. Crews suited up and crawled onto the treacherous ice.

Once they got close, they discovered the goose wasn't real -- it was just a decoy that had floated out.

It's unknown where the decoy came from or what it was that led the caller to believe it was in distress, but officials decided to look on the bright side and said it was an unexpected and unintended training mission. No harm done.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images