WATCH: Fans brawl outside AT&T Stadium following wild finish to Cowboys-49ers game


Fans throwing trash at the officials was not even the ugliest scene in the aftermath of the Cowboys-49ers playoff game on Sunday.

After the game, with emotions already running high from a chaotic finish to the 49ers’ 23-17 win over the Cowboys, several fans were captured on video brawling outside AT&T Stadium.

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A man was tackled to the ground and bombarded by several fans who began punching and kicking the fellow while others tried to break it up.

It did not take long for a nearby police officer to run in and attempt to de-escalate things before the fighting finally stopped.

It’s uncertain what precipitated the brawl. There were plenty of 49ers fans in attendance at the game and one of the fans delivering the blows was wearing a Dak Prescott jersey, so it certainly could have been more blood boiling over from the ending of the game.

TMZ Sports reached out to law enforcement on whether or not any arrests were made, but have yet to hear a response.

Meanwhile, inside the stadium fans were caught throwing trash and objects onto the field at the officials, who were at the center of the final play that never happened.

Prescott condemned the fans initially, but when informed the trash was being directed toward the officials he said, “credit to them,” which has drawn lots of backlash on social media.

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