'I Voted' stickers to return for fall elections

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Officials say that Louisiana voters will once again get a sticker to wear after casting their ballot.

“We heard the voters loud and clear, so we are excited to be unveiling the new ‘I Voted’ stickers for the 2019 gubernatorial election,” Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin said.

Many voters were disappointed that they did not get stickers in recent elections.  A lot of people post pictures of themselves with their stickers to social media after voting.

“I couldn’t be more pleased that Louisianians are passionate about participating in elections by voting,” Ardoin said in announcing that he would unveil the new stickers today.

Ardoin says his office is footing the bill for the stickers.

"The cost was a little over $18,500," According to Public Information Director Brandee Patrick. "We absorbed the cost in our budget without asking the Legislature for additional funding."

Ardoin and artist Tony Bernard showed off the sticker today at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.