Louisiana computer problems lead to incomplete coronavirus reporting


State health officials say they numbers reported of new COVID-19 test results over the weekend do not include all of the data.

Problems with computers mean they are only reporting a portion of the results from commercial labs.

"Due to server issues, the most recent update is not inclusive of total commercial lab data," The Louisiana Department of Health said on the COVID-19 dashboard. "The State Lab data have not been impacted. Once resolved, LDH will update."

Sunday's new coronavirus numbers only included about a quarter of the usual test result numbers.

There were only 1,589 test results (positive and negative) added to the total Sunday.

That is part of the reason the state only reported 129 new cases.

That good news is that all of the other indicators continue to show a positive trend.

Patients in hospitals fell by another 23 to a total of 813.  More than 2,300 were hospitalized at the peak in April.

The number of patients on ventilators is now at 102, more than 80% below the peak. 

In the city of New Orleans, there were no new deaths reported for the 5th consecutive day.