Deuce: Playoffs still reasonable goal for Saints moving forward

Alvin Kamara and Cesar Ruiz of the New Orleans Saints
Photo credit Chuck Cook - USA TODAY Sports

The 2021 New Orleans Saints may have a very different look than what the Who Dat Nation has grown accustomed to, between salary-cap-induced changes to the roster and the possible retirement of longtime quarterback Drew Brees.

But Saints Radio Network color analyst Deuce McAllister says fans shouldn’t expect a huge drop-off in the quality of football being played in the Superdome on Sundays this fall by the four-time defending NFC South champions.

I think they want to defend the crown. They’ve been able to do it the last four years. So to be able to win the NFC South, that gives you an automatic berth into the playoffs. I think that’s a realistic expectation for this Saints team. You have to also remember, and we experienced it this past year, an extra team gets into the playoffs because of the extra wild-card game.

McAllister also cited that with the NFL likely adding an extra regular season game to the schedule going forward, it’s one more opportunity to add to a team’s win total.

You get the 17th game, so whether you’re talking about 11 wins, 12 wins, or even 10 – if you get to double-digit wins as a team, you’re gonna get into the playoffs.

You can hear McAllister’s full interview from WWL Radio’s “Sports Talk” by clicking the podcast link.