Former Saints OL Kyle Turley talks about the benefits of cannabis


Former Saints offensive lineman Kyle Turley joined WWL Radio's Sports Talk Thursday and talked with hosts Bobby Hebert and Steve Geller about a number of topics including his advocacy for the benefits of cannabis.

"We had the opportunity to get our lives back through this plant," Turley said. "This opportunity is available for everybody in the country and just CBD alone. We talked about it in the past and you've had me on about CBD and that everybody can participate in. is my website .I made sure I work with the best providers in the industry and you can get it to your door.

Turley also discussed some of the ways cannabis has helped him.

"You can start to see how cannabis can benefit that and start eliminating these opiates from your countertops and your medicine cabinets," he said. "For six years I have not taken one, not even an aspen."

Listen to part of the segment in the video above.