Cadence13 prepares slate of 3 feature-length audio experiences

Photo credit Curt Courtenay/Cadence13

RADIO.COM's Cadence13 today announced its slate of C13Features, a set of audio experiences that provide movie-length feature stories for your ears. The scripted podcasts mark the company's first fiction audio experiences.

Endeavor Content is working with Cadence13, bringing their experience and relationships to the new slate, as well as maximizing derivative opportunities for the IP across film and television.

“We’ve been disciplined and strategic, finding the right stories, writing, and characters that we feel meet our ambitious creative expectations," said Chris Corcoran, Chief Content Officer, Cadence13 and Executive Producer, C13Features. “This is an opportunity to bring storytelling to the world in a brand-new, easily digestible experience, to create ‘movies for your ears.’ I can’t wait to bring these first three original audio features to life in this fashion."

The slate will consist of three different titles - "Treat," about a small town in modern America that's transformed by a mystical Piper. However, every 10 years on Halloween, the Piper and his cohorts return to collect payment from the townspeople.

"Ghostwriter" explores Kate Michaels' new project in ghostwriting a violent novel about a mysterious serial killer until she realizes that the story may not be fiction at all.

And lastly, "The Followers," which sees a group of newly married 20-somethings traveling the world when their vacation gets interrupted by a pair of strangers. Suddenly, they find themselves framed for murder.

Each feature is one episode long and helmed by Hollywood writers, directors, actors, and composers.

"From psychological thrillers to horrors to fascinating stories of all genres, C13Features looks to imagine and define what the movie experience can be for the podcast space," a press release reads.

“We are thrilled to be working with world class creative talent to explore a new and exciting way to launch film franchises, together with our partners at Cadence13, bringing premium movies to podcast listeners, and then expanding these worlds across film and television,” said Lorenzo De Maio, Executive Vice President, TV Advisory and Audio, Endeavor Content. “In today’s growing content landscape, this is yet another unique opportunity to bring compelling storytelling to audiences worldwide.”

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