Complement triggers anger, gunfire, and murder

Complement triggers anger, gunfire, and murder
Photo credit NOPD

A complement to a toddler on his new haircut from passerby at a barbershop was enough to trigger a father to follow the man and allegedly kill him.

It happened on Crowder Blvd on March 17th.

37-year-old Harold Brooks was visiting the barbershop with his 2-year-old son.

Witnesses say Brooks became angered and irate when 56-year-old Kenneth Smith complemented his son on his haircut.

Brooks reportedly followed Smith in his Jeep Cherokee.

Smith was walking down Crowder at the time.

Brooks allegedly came alongside Smith and opened fire from his vehicle.

Police came upon the dead body of Smith on the side of the road near Crowder and Lake Willow Road.

It appeared to be a stone cold killing.

Two days later a tip came in to NOPD.

The killer lives in the Willowbrook Apartments off Bundy Road.

Investigators found the Jeep Cherokee at the location and traced the owner.

The Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate reports it belonged to the mother of the toddler.

Brooks driver's license picture matched that of the man Smith had the confrontation with at the barbershop.

Brooks is under arrest with his bail set by a magistrate at $500,000.

Featured Image Photo Credit: NOPD