D.A. Williams calls for the public’s help in getting more convictions

Photo credit WWLTV

On the heels of a conviction in a 2017 second-degree murder case, the New Orleans D.A. is pleading for the public's help in sending more violent criminals to prison.

New Orleans D.A. Jason Williams today called on more witnesses and victims of crime to come forward to help them bring violent criminals to justice.  It comes after a murder conviction against Damond Scott for shooting and killing Tommie Wimberley in St. Roch.

Williams says his office was lucky to get the conviction because of the difficulty to get witnesses to testify because of fear gripping the city.

“You were too scared to even come to court to face your loved one’s killer,” said Williams.

He says if they are to get more convictions; they need the public’s help.

“Give us a chance to bring you closure and to bring you justice. We can’t do it without witnesses. And we can’t do it without victims coming forward to cooperate and tell what they went through,” said Williams.