Don't let COVID-fatigue leave you susceptible, health experts warn

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A lot of coronavirus restrictions have been relaxed since the pandemic began early this year, but it doesn't seem to be enough, as a lot of people seem to be just done with the whole thing!

Wearing masks, events postponed or canceled, no festivals or concerts -- in the six months since the pandemic began, people have had to constantly adjust.

"People are tired and wondering when this is going to end," said LSU infectious disease specialist Dr. Fred Lopez.

But even if you're sick and tired of what's making everyone sick and tired, Dr. Lopez say we've got to keep it up.

"It really takes stepping back and making a commitment to maintain these behavior changes that we know work so well," he said. And with cases on the rise in other parts of the nation and flu season beginning, Dr. Lopez says it has become especially important.

"We could have a very busy fall and winter because of this 'twindemic,' as some people refer to it as, that's comprised of both flu and COVID-19," he said.

The doctor said with a little effort, the rules we've been following can become second nature.

"I do think that making that commitment to something that one needs to make from time to time, it makes those commitments become a little bit more of a habit," said Dr. Lopez.