Pontchartrain Beach redevelopment, over before it begins?

Pontchartrain Beach redevelopment, over before it begins?
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The Lakefront Management Authority will meet this evening to decide whether rescind a resolution and terminate negotiations with the Pontchartrain Beach Foundation after weeks of stalled talks.

WWL caught up with Louis Capo, Executive Director of the Authority after a long afternoon meeting Wednesday and asked whether the action comes about after Saturday’s display of potential concepts for the redevelopment brought out concerns from residents and stakeholders.

“The termination is not predicated on what transpired at Saturday’s public meeting,” Capo responded.  “If this is going to be a termination [Thursday] we will have our full negotiation team there, present for the meeting, and if they have any questions from the board, it’s that we’re at an impasse in the lease.”

Capo went on to comment about the lease negotiations that have been stalled.

“Lease negotiations are what they are right now, nothing has happened as far as the negotiations.”

Capo did not go into details about why the negotiations appear are hung up.

“It’s close to four or five weeks, so it’s coming to the board [Thursday] for the board to make a decision.”

WWL asked Capo if the board votes to end their negotiations with the Pontchartrain Beach Foundation if this means the whole of the beach area would go dormant again.

“It would have to come back to the board and the board through resolution would direct the negotiating team and the negotiating team would enter into negotiations with any developer like we do with all of our properties.”

So…Pontchartrain Beach is not dead, but the board is taking the uncomfortable move to uncouple from the Pontchartrain Beach Foundation in the hopes of opening up requests for new proposals.

Tonight’s meeting starts at 5:30 at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport Terminal Building at 6001 Stars and Stripes Boulevard.

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