Shrine on Airline get planned facelift and repurpose

Shrine on Airline get planned facelift and repurpose
Photo credit LSED

The Shrine on Airline has gone through its share of more downs than ups, especially since the Baby Cakes Baseball team has vacated it. But, is there still potential for the stadium to become a sports and entertainment beacon?

Scott Walker, Jefferson Parish Councilman at Large, spoke with about the new plans for the stadium.

“The stadium will be reconfigured to more of a traditional configuration. It will become a world-class facility.”

Walker also says the renovations will consider a more multipurpose use to attract different types of events.

“There could be the possibility of concerts again, parking and tailgating options.”

The potential for development around the Shrine on Airline stadium yields several prospects says Councilman Walker. The long-term plan is for something much more attractive and lucrative.

“The Saints are working on a masterplan to expand their footprint. Maybe there’s hotels there, maybe there’s some retail. It’s truly an entertainment district in the heart of Metairie.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: LSED