WATCH: Top Trump advisor Peter Navarro says the president 'won the election'

In an interview Friday on Fox Business, Peter Navarro, a top Trump advisor, made the claim that the White House is proceeding under the "assumption of a second Trump term," and that President Trump "won the election.”

Although the president has filed several lawsuits challenging his loss to Joe Biden, with claims of voter fraud, in reality, Biden has won more than the necessary 270 Electoral College votes, and there has thus far been no evidence or basis for Trump’s allegations.

In fact, a law firm representing the President’s campaign in an attempt to block Pennsylvania’s popular vote for Joe Biden, announced Friday that they will be withdrawing from the case

The firm, Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, had two Pittsburgh-based lawyers leading the charge for the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania.

But, despite that fact that a group of national, state, and private election officials have said that the Nov. 3 elections were the "most secure" in American history, Navarro told Fox Business, "What we seek here is verifiable ballots, certifiable ballots, and an investigation into what are growing numbers of allegations of fraud under signed affidavits by witnesses and my own view looking at this election, we have what appears in some sense to be an immaculate deception. But if you look statistically at what happened, clearly the president won this election, was leading on election day. And then, after election day, somehow in these key battleground states, they got just enough votes to catch up to the President." Adding that, "Our assumption is the second Trump term, we think he won that election, and any speculation about what Joe Biden might do I think his moot at this point."

According to CNN, Navarro declined to provide any proof when pressed on the legal argument.