Rita Ora on making room for mental health: 'It’s so important to have a sacred space'

Rita Ora
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During a recent chat with Audacy, Rita Ora shared the tools and routines she uses to help maintain her mental health.

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“It’s so important to have a sacred space,” Rita expressed, “so wherever you kind of live, or where you’re going, cause I travel a lot, to bring things that remind you home. So like a candle or oil diffuser, or a pillow. Like in my case I always have my own pillow and a lot of smells, and incense, just things that bring you peace.”

Also stressing the importance of physical exercise when it comes to mental health, Rita noted “it’s just as much as doing a meditation.”

Additionally, Rita shared, “I think if you have someone to talk to that you trust, that you don’t feel judged, that’s always the best way to go. That sometimes might be someone you’ve never met. That’s why therapy and therapists are so important too, cause you don’t really know them but they listen.”

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