Highland Park contemplating where to house temporary July 4th shooting memorials

Highland Park
Screen shot of Tuesday's city council meeting Photo credit City of Highland Park

HIGHLAND PARK (WBBM NEWSRADIO) - The Highland Park City Council heard from residents and others Tuesday night about what to do about a temporary memorial and an art installation that grew out of the pain of the mass shooting that happened in the suburb on the 4th of July.

The City Council is leaning towards separating the temporary memorial and the art installation and moving the temporary memorial a short distance away to the Rose Garden outside Highland Park’s City Hall.

One woman was among those asking for the memorial to be moved.

“Most of my family still cannot go back into downtown because of the memorials that are there right now. We find it too painful,” the woman said.

But Susana Uvaldo, the daughter of one of the seven people killed in the mass shooting, pleaded for the temporary memorial to remain where it is.

“They took my dad from us and I’m just asking that if you could please, please keep it there for at least, you know, until you get the permanent one. And, that would mean the world to us,” Uvaldo said.

The art installation builds on protest of gun violence. People have wrapped pillars and stones in orange yarn. That’s the color adopted by anti-gun violence advocates.

“This is not ego. This is about a community expression,” said artist Jacqueline von Edelberg.

Highland Park plans to offer help to find a location on private property where the art installation can be moved.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: City of Highland Park