Audacy Beach Festival: Beabadoobee reveals her dream collab and her 'Toy Story' inspiration

The 'Cologne' singer will debut a new project in 2022
By , Audacy

Having just finished a new record, Beabadoobee will be preparing for the prospect of a new release as 2022 rolls around.

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This year, the “Cologne” singer dropped her four-track EP called Our Extended Play, but as 2022 gets closer, the Alt Queen is getting ready to debut a new album, which features a heavy collaboration between her and her guitarist, Jacob.

While chatting with Kevan Kenney during Audacy Beach Festival, Bea tells us that one of the songs on her new record leans heavily on “Toy Story vibes.” The singer explains that she has always loved the hit Pixar film’s soundtrack and found inspiration in Randy Newman’s “You Got a Friend In Me.”

Appearing on the Audacy Beach Festival lineup with WILLOW, Bea tells us that she has always wanted to collaborate with the “transparent soul” artist, and she knows that the feelings are mutual. The two artists have cultivated a friendship and have been supportive of each other’s music.

“She came to my show in LA,” explained Beabadoobee. “We hung out a bit there, and she spoke in a British accent the whole time. It was really funny. She has a really good British accent to be fair,” laughed Bea.

Eager to get into a studio with WILLOW, Bea shared, “if we can make it happen, it’s gonna happen. She is really lovely, and I feel like she’s a dream to work with as well.”

While Bea can’t exactly tell us when we can expect her new album, we know it will certainly be “soon!”

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