Shocking video shows moment when two women were flung off the edge of a cliff

Sulak Canyon
Photo credit Getty Images

Two women miraculously survived quite a fall back in June when the swing they were riding snapped over the edge of a cliff in Russia.

The video shows a recreational swing that guests can use to swing over the cliffside of Sulak Canyon - an approximately 6,000-foot drop. The women can be seen being pushed on the swing until one of the chains snaps.

The women are seen tumbling down the cliff towards the bottom of Sulak Canyon. Miraculously, both women survived with just minor injuries.

The Mirror reports that the women were dragged to safety by their family with only bruises and scrapes to show for it.

According to Yahoo! News, law enforcement agencies are investigating the safety failings of the large swing.

Apparently, the swing did not meet safety standards, according to the Ministry of Tourism in Dagestan. Police have acted by banning the attraction and others like it in the area.

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