VIDEO: Trump says 'be nice' to man who shouts 'spygate!' when he refers to Obama during RNC remarks

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- An attendee at a Trump event in Charlotte Monday did not shout "monkey" when the president mentioned Barack Obama, despite what a viral tweet from an anti-Trump group of Republicans claimed.

The tweet from the Lincoln Project included a clip of Trump speaking, with the man in the audience shouting, what sounded like "monkey" but was actually "spygate." The Lincoln Project deleted the tweet. 1010 WINS also misheard the man, reported it as such and apologizes for doing so.

Trump was in the middle of his remarks, claiming the Democrats are "trying to steal the election from the Republicans ... just like they did it last time with spying and we caught them, and that included President Obama."

That's when the man in the audience at the Charlotte Convention Center shouted "spygate!"

Trump proceeded for a moment, before addressing the man, saying "Let's be nice." He then pointed, smiled and said, "this could only happen in North Carolina."