5 Ways to Optimize Your Marketing Emails

Email Marketing
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By , Small Business Pulse

Investing in email marketing is a wise business move. The numbers speak for themselves as investing just $1 in emails will return an average of $44 to your business. Email is also much more successful than social media at generating conversions. Despite these numbers, you can still make mistakes with marketing emails. Ensure success by using these means to optimize your emails and generate the most activity from them.

1. Make your emails mobile

Did you know over 60 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices? Make sure your emails are easily viewed via mobile devices by testing how they look on iPhones, Android, Mac and Windows. Evaluate both desktop and mobile appearances. Though most people open emails on mobile devices, more conversions occur on desktop computers. The layout needs to be clear with easy-to-read text, small files sizes and a design that allows interactivity with taps or clicks.

2. Use up to 50 characters for the subject

If your subject line gets cut off from a mobile email service, your target audience will be less likely to open the message. Keep your subject line less than 50 characters to ensure it gets opened and read. In the subject line, include actionable language that grabs your readers' attention and makes them want to open your email to learn more. The subject line should clearly identify what the copy of your email includes. Never use a misleading subject line or you'll lose subscribers.

3. Be personable

Your emails need to be personable in tone and include your email address. In tests done by HubSpot, emails listed as from a person from HubSpot generated a greater percentage of openings and activity. Though customers respond to person-sent emails more compared to those from a company, the content still has to be relevant to them. You should also make emails tailored to the recipient. Using the recipient's name in the subject line increases openings by 26 percent. Additionally, marketers who send emails to segmented groups may see up to a 760 percent rise in revenue.

4. Respect your customers' time

Your customers have already shown they want to engage with your business by signing up for your emails or by conducting a transaction with you. Respect each of your customer's time constraints by sending the first email within 24 hours of a customer signing up. Prevent problems with your email subscriber list by including a clear unsubscribe button in the email body. Having the option to stop your emails shows respect for the consumer and ensures you’re following regulations governing business emails.

Most importantly, keep your emails short. If you cannot say everything you want to in 100 to 200 words, create a series over multiple emails sent on different days. The recipient's spam filter will sort out long emails to the junk folder, which customers will never read.

5. Include a call to action

Your emails should encourage interaction with your customers. Let your readers know exactly what you want them to do after reading your email. If you have an image over a link to your site, include alternative text so even those who do not allow images to load in their emails can still use the link.

Improve your marketing through tailored emails that are easy to view on mobile devices. It's time to reevaluate your marketing campaigns and improve emails your customers receive. Doing so could dramatically raise your ROI on your email marketing dollars.