Starbucks Baristas Claim Viral TikTok Trend Will Get Them Fired

By 98.7 KLUV

Starbucks employees are being encouraged to stay away from the popular TikTok app because a new trend on the app could lead to them being fired from the company.

This trend came to light in a Reddit, thread where employees warned Starbucks patrons NOT to post images or videos of their receipts on TikTok. Apparently, on every receipt, an employee ID number, also known as a Starbucks partner number, is printed at the top. When these receipts are posted online, people take these Starbucks partner numbers, and use them at various Starbucks locations to score discounted drinks and other "employee-only perks," per Yahoo.

This can potentially lead to huge problems for the employees whose numbers are used to score discounts. A Starbucks employee who wished to remain anonymous told In the Know, "I definitely noticed some people who claimed to be partners but didn’t seem to work a day in their lives. Corporate has a whole group that monitors partner numbers and if you use them too much or they’re in different locations every time … they will fire you."

The publication reached out to Starbucks about the trend, and a representative told the site, "To obtain the partner (employee) discount, a partner must present their current Partner Card at the Point of Sale (POS) register in the participating company-operated store.”