The family of Nina Simone is going after VP Kamala Harris: 'Ask her why she separated my family'

It's a new dawn and an unfortunate day
Nina Simone, Kamala Harris
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This has been quite the weekend for the spirit of Nina Simone. The internet was divided over Chlöe Bailey's fresh rendition and performance of Simone's "Feeling Good." Then, the granddaughter of the late singer took to Twitter to air out some dirty laundry about Nina Simone's estate.

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RéAnna Simone Kelly wrote, "...there are a lot of assumptions and misinformation flying around at the moment. So let me shed some light on this situation for you. These are the facts concerning my mother, [Vice President] Kamala Harris, and the Nina Simone estate."

Kelly revealed, "My family doesn’t run her estate anymore. It was taken away from us & given to white people. Our family name was DRAGGED in the media. We get NO royalties, nothing. Wanna hold someone accountable?Ask Kamala Harris why she came for my family." She spoke on how the former Attorney General for the state of California allegedly "bullied" Nina Simone's daughter, Lisa, in court which led to her "almost [killing] herself from the depression."

After a round of Google searches, fans began to flood her comments with court documents. Lisa reportedly embezzled funds from the estate that was intended for charity per Nina Simone's will. RéAnna denied all these claims.

Regarding Nina Simone's Charitable Trust, a 2016 settlement lists Harris several times as the one primarily responsible "for supervising charitable trusts in California" as attorney general.

"The Attorney General asserts that [Lisa Simone] Kelly breached her fiduciary duty to the Estate and to the Charitable Trust and wrongfully diverted Estate assets. The Attorney General seeks to surcharge Kelly for amounts totaling $5,937,749.42 plus over $2.5 million in interest, which the Attorney General contends is far more than one-half of the Estate's value during [Lisa Simone] Kelly's administration of the Estate," the settlement reads.

RéAnna urged fans to "do research" regarding the "slander" towards her mother. She continued, "Ask [Harris] why my mother had a gag order put on her and can not speak on these things. Ask her why she didn’t even want my mom to be able to say she was Nina Simone’s daughter. Ask her why she wanted us to walk away with NOTHING."

RéAnna also mentioned, "to be clear, Kamala had no jurisdiction over the estate because it is not an American estate. It is a French estate and should have been filed in France. Grandma was a resident of France, lived in France, and died in France. Her estate was French."

Vice President Harris has yet to release a statement regarding these allegations, but feel free to read the full 25-page statement here.

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