Kate Hudson is searching for the famous ‘How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ dress


Kate Hudson is searching for the famous yellow backless dress she wore in the iconic 2003 romantic comedy film "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days.”

The actress and entrepreneur spoke about the film in an interview with Elle Magazine published on Monday.

“I have no idea where that dress is!” the actress said, adding, "I know it was Carolina Herrera and our amazing costume designer designed the dress with Carolina's team. I do not know where it is, but I feel like we should find it!"

Hudson, who stars alongside actor Matthew McConaughey, plays a columnist who is writing about how to get a man to leave you 10 days later. The two end up falling for one another and share a romantic night while Hudson wears the floor-length satin dress.

McConaughey told E! Daily Pop in November that he would possibly do a sequel to the movie, but revealed that there is nothing formal in the works.

Hudson, however, thinks a reboot of the film may show some unhappy people, saying that she believes her and McConaughey’s character would be “miserable” right now.

"I've always thought about what Matthew and I's characters would be now, if we were still together. It's actually probably a good amount of time [that has passed] to make a movie about it. We probably would have gotten married with kids," she told Elle in August.

Hudson added, "We're probably miserable right now!"

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