Big Sean says he can 'out rap' anyone, drops 'What A Life'

Big Sean
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By , Audacy

Big Sean is back with a new single and some pretty big opinions about his superior rap abilities.

After his recent L.A. Leaker’s freestyle, during which he spit for nearly 9-minutes over a series of unique beats including JAY-Z’s “Dear Summer,” Drake’s “Love All,” Kanye West’s “Hurricane,” and Nardo Wick’s “Who Want Smoke??”, Sean received floods of positive feedback.

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But it was a text from a particular Hip Hop legend that had Sean take to Twitter, to reflect on just how talented of a rapper he is.

Nas just txt me saying ‘you murdered these freestyles thanks for pushing us all’ that’s crazy AF to me when I really thought about Nas txt’n me that, I’m at the crib right now in Detroit n I’m just feeling grateful I actually am doing what I said I would. S*** feel like a dream.”

The Detroit rapper continued on with a series of tweets, “I take pride in being versatile but I can also see how’s its helped and hurt me in my career,” he said. “Cause some people hear a song n think I’m just that, or a certain type of artist when I actually have many sides. I can Out rap anyone, but sometimes I just wanna jus vibe or have fun.”

Sean went on to note his versatility and express that he does get tired of being judged.