You can rent an entire mountain for $88 per night on Airbnb

Montana mountain
Photo credit Getty Images

Talk about social distancing.

Airbnb teamed up with rock climber and mountaineer Conrad Anker to offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for travelers. For just $88 per night, guests have the chance to be the only people on Andesite Mountain in Big Sky, Montana.

If you're able to score the stay, you'll get to experience 5,850 acres of land and go full speed ahead with a variety of activities just for you and the lucky person you decide to bring along for the trip.

"Having lived near and explored Big Sky for nearly 20 years, I'm beyond thrilled to invite guests to experience the magic of Montana and have Andesite Mountain all to themselves," Anker shared in a statement.

He continued, "From jaw-dropping, scenic views to the thrill that accompanies outdoor adventures, I've known for a while that Montana is a special place and can't wait for guests to make once-in-a-lifetime memories during their own stay here."

Guests have the option of choosing their own adventures for the stay whether it be a private expedition to Montana's highest scenic overlook, a virtual meet-and-greet with Anker himself, or a relaxing dinner for two in a nearby yurt.

Other excursion options include mountainside horseback riding, fly-fishing on a trout stream, or even yodeling.

The trip is for October 7 through October 9, and interested travelers can request to book the experience starting on May 13 at 1pm EST.

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