Timbaland, Nelly Furtado on more collab plans with Justin Timberlake and 'divine timing' for the trio

'Why keep doing these one offs here and there? Like okay, lets create a body of work instead'

More than 15 years after teaming up for the first time, Timbaland and Nelly Furtado are back together and ready to deliver some new bops.

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Having already served up, “Keep Going Up," a trio collab with Justin Timberlake, Nelly and Timbo have lots of new music plans, and lucky for us they’ve checked in with Audacy’s Julia to tell us all about it.

Wondering how this reunion of the year came together, Timbaland said "it was divine timing." He recalled doing a one-on-one with a beat club member and while listening to the hook, he said it was "infectious." He immediately texted Justin Timberlake and Nelly and everyone was on board. "We made it happen," Nelly added.

"I changed my flight. I think I got two hours of sleep in those 48 hours but it was so worth it. I just knew that it would be worth it to make time because the energy and time was right," she continued.

"For me it was like a little mini miracle," Nelly said in terms of all three of them being able to reunite for a song together. The last collab that the trio worked on was "Give It To Me," released in 2007.

Timbaland revealed they finished the song in a "whole night and a half." He talked about how the energy in the studio was so right and "flowed so perfect," and emphasized that everything about the process of making this song felt so natural.

Giving props to Timbo, Nelly said "Timbaland, to me, is really one of the only full service, brilliant-minded producers, that ever was and ever will be and no one can contest that."

Getting back out there as far as performing, Nelly says she's feeling really "inspired." Talking about her surprise performance at Lollapalooza, she said that was a really "pinch me" moment.

Switching gears to talk about JT, Timbo said JT's new album is bringing back "fun Justin" and we can expect it "at the top" of next year.

"The hard process was trying to make this body of work to fit to where he's at in his life. At this stage I think it's not trying to beat what we've done but try to compliment what we've done and just give people what they want from us," he said. "We already broke the barrier of changing pop and all these things so now, lets just give them the same thing but in a different form."

As far as what's next for the trio, Timbo revealed an EP is on the way. "Why keep doing these one offs here and there? Like okay, lets create a body of work instead of having a one off, lets have a body of work." He talked about how it would be beneficial for them going on tour to have a joint EP rather than everyone just popping off their individual songs. Guardians of the Galaxy, he called it, and when it's ready Timbaland assured he's just going to drop it and not think twice about it.

For much more from Timbaland and Furtado on their new collab, as well as what the upcoming Justin Timberlake album might sound like, check out the full interview above.

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