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The GOLDEN celebration continues with a very special Audacy LIVE with Jung Kook. Check out the BTS star like you've never seen him before with an exclusive performance of songs from his hit solo debut, hosted by Audacy's Bru.

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Already bolstered by the global number one song, "Seven," featuring Latto and the Jack Harlow assisted "3D," Jung Kook’s pop powerhouse album GOLDEN arrived in its entirety on November 3.

As part of the celebration, JK put together a very special exclusive performance just for Audacy. Watch these GOLDEN tracks unfold with cinematic excellence right here.

Starting of with a female guest's slinky strut into a dimly lit dinner theater hall, things quickly escalate with Jung Kook taking center stage as the main attraction, opening with a perfectly choreographed performance of “Standing Next to You.”

Next, performing illusions on the mind, Jung Kook carries out a few camera tricks for his next entertaining dinner date performance of “Seven.”

After making his way out of the upscale establishment and answering the very first and also last Audacy pay phone in existence, Jung Kook swapped his suit and tie for some street wear in a back alley performance of “3D.”

To close out his performance, Jung Kook strides through the concrete hallways of the now stripped-down theater hall, and catches up to his guest for a neon light filled serenade of “Closer To You.”

Watch Jung Kook's vision come to life above during Audacy LIVE with Jung Kook.

Featured Image Photo Credit: BIGHIT Music