Pro Football Doc on Dak Prescott: 'You never want to see a second surgery'


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Over the weekend, 105.3 The Fan's Mike Fisher reported that Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott "could be 100 percent by April" after suffering a devastating ankle injury in Week 5 last season.

However, Dr. David Chao, also known on social media as Pro Football Doc, expressed some concern for Prescott's recovery after learning that he underwent a second surgery on his ankle in December.

"As far as Dak Prescott is concerned, the only surgery that's minor surgery is surgery that happens to someone else or to someone else's team. Secondly, like saying when a surgery is done that it was successful - that's like (a team saying) the minute you're done with the draft that we were successful. You only judge it over time in terms of true success," Chao said on The Ross Tucker Football Podcast.

"With that being said, you never want to see a second surgery. What has my spidey senses up a little bit about Dak Prescott is they've made a point of saying (the second procedure) is unrelated to the initial ankle injury. With an ankle fracture-dislocation, it's not uncommon to put in screws or hardware and take them out a couple of months later. But they're saying it's unrelated to the original injury. And it was some other minor old (issue). That doesn't fully make sense to me. I will say that from his injury itself, he's going to miss the entire offseason program. He should be on track to play at the start of the season, and it shouldn't be a contractural issue for the Cowboys. But until we know what that second surgery was, there is some question mark. I'm still hopeful that he will make it. It would make more sense to me if (the reports) said that it was a minor issue that was related to the initial injury. They've made a point to say it's unrelated, so we don't really know what it is exactly. I see why (there is some concern), but in the end, I still think he's going to make it (back)."

According to Fish's sources, the second procedure was about "strengthening and clean-up," and that Prescott "should be fully involved in all offseason work."

Chao's statement contradicts the source's belief that Prescott will participate in offseason activities. However, it's also fair to note, which Chao did in the interview, that he's giving his expert opinion on Prescott's recovery based on public knowledge of his injury.

The Cowboys have until March 9 to place the franchise tag on Prescott.

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