Legendary Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim bullies '5-foot-2' reporter


Syracuse men's basketball head coach Jim Boeheim appeared to revisit a grudge against a reporter who was critical of Boeheim's lineup management.

Boeheim, speaking to the media after his team's home win over Clemson on Wednesday night, took a cheap shot at a reporter from The Athletic who had recently suggested that the team might be in better position for an at-large bid in the NCAA Tournament if a pair of standout reserve players had gotten more playing time.

The reporter, Matthew Gutierrez, had said earlier in the week that he and Boeheim had smoothed things over after the disagreement -- but based on Boeheim's remarks on Wednesday night, the Hall of Fame coach apparently wasn't satisfied.

"If I'd played Jesse and Kadary, we'd probably be 22-2 now," Boeheim said following the win. "I guess I didn't see that. I couldn't figure it out by myself after 45 years. I need a reporter to figure that out ... who has never played basketball and is 5-foot-2."

While Gutierrez's opinions and assessment of the team could be considered ethically dubious given his position as a beat reporter, those lines have been increasingly blurred in recent years, and his apparently earnest attempt to advance the discussion around the team he covers could hardly be considered mendacious or otherwise nefarious.

Boeheim, 76, has essentially become synonymous with the program he has built and run for decades, which has seen its share of scandals and controversies under his watch. He had teased retirement plans several years ago, but reversed course upon the departure of his presumed successor.

Syracuse is 15-8 overall and 9-7 in conference play in the ACC, and is considered by most bracketologists to be on the so-called bubble of teams vying for an at-large bid to punch their ticket to the NCAA Tournament.