Friday Night Flashback: 1998

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Friday night at 10, gather up all your beanie babies, get comfy on the couch, and tune in to the Friday Night Flashback, as we go back to 1998.
Yep, 1998 was a HUGE year for beanie babies. Furby was around too, but you didn't keep him in a plastic container, with a separate enclosure for the tag, did you?
What else was going on in 1998? Titanic was breaking box office records. The TV show about nothing, Seinfeld, came to an end with a finale nobody liked.
Oh, and there was some kind of ruckus in Washington DC about a blue dress and a major political figure!
What music was on the radio in 1998? Be sure to tune in to the Friday Night Flashback, hosted by Amber Star, and sponsored by Funk's Pub in Fitchburg.