Watch: Falcons' Hayden Hurst thanks Dak Prescott in moving postgame exchange


Dak Prescott has become somewhat of a poster child for speaking out publicly about his mental health struggles, and that gesture is not lost on many of his peers.

Following Sunday’s game between the Cowboys in Falcons, in which Dallas rallied for an incredible late comeback victory, Atlanta tight end Hayden Hurst made sure to seek out Prescott in the postgame scrum to thank him.

“Hey, I got a lot of respect for what you did and came out and talked about,” Hurst said in a video shared by the Falcons on Twitter Tuesday evening. “Me and my mom have a foundation about suicide prevention. I respect the hell out of you for talking about it, man.”

Prescott suggested that the two “collab” some time in the future.

The foundation is called the Hayden Hurst Family Foundation, which sets out the goal to “raise awareness of mental health issues in children and adolescents by funding mental health services and/or programs through donations and fundraising events.”

Prescott did an interview earlier in September in which he opened up about the depression he was battling in the pandemic and following the death of his brother Jace, who took his own life this past April.

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