Is Stone Cold Steve Austin fueling the Braves' hot late-season run?

By , Audacy Sports

Everything is made better by the appropriate musical accompaniment — a morning job around the neighborhood, a long drive through the country, a key study session before a big test — and sports are no exception. Getting pumped up and feeling the adrenaline flowing to the right beat is a must-have not only for the athletes involved, but also for the fans in attendance who are looking for the fullest possible experience. And two sports come to mind where that music is more prominently featured than in any others: baseball and wrestling.

That's because every athlete involved has their own music that corresponds with their introduction to action, be it a clutch at-bat toward the end of a game, a high-stakes pitching appearance, or an entrance on to the biggest stage at WrestleMania. If you didn't get goosebumps when you heard "Enter Sandman" playing as Mariano Rivera strolled to the mound or when The Undertaker's bell tolled at the Royal Rumble, you're lying. Ditto for Chase Utley's "Kashmir" — you can admit it, Braves fans — and The Rock's "If You Smell" ringing throughout various arenas, only to get drowned out for the overwhelming crowd response.

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