Jeremy Giambi was struck in head with baseball six months prior to untimely death

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Jeremy Giambi--former big slugger and brother of ex-MLB All-Star Jason Giambi, tragically lost his life after he committed suicide while at his parents' house in Claremont, Calif on Feb. 9.

While Giambi was working as a pitching coach, the former outfielder/first baseman was struck in the head with a baseball back in August of last year. Investigators say the accident resulted in Giambi suffering a fractured zygomatic bone which required surgery to fix the issue.

Although Giambi recovered from the injury, people around him noticed a huge change in his emotional well-being. Witnesses claim he started becoming very emotional, very negative and would let the smallest things get to him. Another witness says Giambi went to a neurologist but was not diagnosed with anything.

Giambi, who was only 47, committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest with a Winchester model rifle, leaving behind a suicide note.

During his career, Giambi slugged .263/.377/.430 with 52 home runs and 209 RBIs in his six years in the big leagues.

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