Heat Check: Jeff Green almost joined the Trillionaire's Club

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The funniest statistic in the league is a trillion. It’s probably the most rare stat in professional basketball.

Do you know this stat?

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It’s the rarest statistic in all of hoops. It’s when you get exactly NO mention in a box score despite playing in a game. No points, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, nothing.

Just 12 zeros in a row.

A trillion.

Its so legendary that Mark Titus has built a career around the Club Trillion brand, named after all the zeroes he got on the end of the bench in a playing career that saw him score exactly nine points in four seasons as a walk on at Ohio State.

Jeff Green is not Mark Titus.

Jeff Green is about to play his 1000th NBA game. This is a guy who has attempted 10,332 shots to date in the NBA in FIFTEEN seasons playing for 11 teams.

This is a guy who has been around and played an elite level for a long ass time.

But in Denver's game against Philadelphia last week, Nuggets forward Jeff Green played 23 minutes and recorded … exactly one rebound.

Nothing else. Zip. Zero. Nada.

He took exactly ZERO shots. He didn’t get a block or a steal or an assist or a turnover. He didn’t even commit a foul in 23 minutes which is kind of what he’s in there to do.

His only statistical contribution in almost HALF OF A BASKETBALL GAME was a rebound that fell into his lap on an Andre Drummond missed a free throw.

YOU WERE SO CLOSE, JEFF GREEN! Club Trillion should have been yours.

I don’t know how I can express to you about how hard it is to play half of a basketball game and in almost no way statistically impact what is going on around you.

I know the what-about-isms are coming. Someone is going to come in and be like what about …

Yes yes yes. I know stats don’t tell everything. Jeff Green played defense, he set screens, he worked his way around picks. He even deflected a pass. He was -1 in a game the Nuggets lost by 14. So the tremendous irony is that when he was on the floor they were statistically better than when he was off the floor.

But come on.

We were ONE ANDRE DRUMMOND MADE FREE THROW from Jeff Green joining that most exclusive club: the Trillionaires. We will never see this again, at least for someone playing a half of a basketball game. We were SO close to something so incredibly rare and something you don’t exactly hang your hat on but also, kind of a dope club based on how rare it is.

And of course, the fly in the ointment was Andre Drummond.

Because of course it was.

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