Warriors interested in Suns star Kelly Oubre: report

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The Warriors' "dream" draft scenario would reportedly involve a blockbuster trade.

The Dubs would like to swap the No. 2 overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft for a veteran contributor, according to Nick Friedell of ESPN.

Such a move would allow Golden State to pair another dependable producer with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green as they look to make the Warriors a contender again upon their return injury.

"If the deal is there to be made, I've always thought that the Warriors were going to do it," Friedell recently said on "The Jump" podcast, hosted by Rachel Nichols. "Because they know that runway is always shorter than everybody thinks it is, even when you have potential Hall of Famers in Steph, Klay and Draymond."

Suns small forward Kelly Oubre, who broke out for a big year following a trade from the Washington Wizards, is apparently one such player that the Warriors covet.

"They need a piece that is going to fit in right away, and if they had their choice in a dream world, I think they would make a deal," Friedell said. "The name that keeps popping up when you talk to people is Kelly Oubre. Can they get him in? What would they have to give up? They have that exception - the trade exception - for Andre Iguodala, as well, that expires here in a little bit.

But if you get a little bit of a veteran piece who can help now, I think for the Warriors and what they want to do, I think that would be a much-better-case scenario."

Oubre, 24, averaged nearly 19 points in 35 minutes per game in his first full season in Phoenix. The left-hander shot 45% from the floor, including 35% from deep and 78% from the line during the breakout year. The Kansas product is due $14.4M in 2020-21 before a potential date with free agency.

For the Suns, Oubre's financial uncertainty and the emergence of Mikal Bridges could convince them to move on as they look to build on the success of a perfect 8-0 record in the NBA bubble.

For the Warriors, a move for a small forward or wing could be an admission that Andrew Wiggins isn't in their long-term plans as a starter.

"I mean, James Wiseman is a name who would fit -- but a lot of these guys may fit, but we just don't know that much about them still," Friedell continued. "And you've got to be able to get a piece right away who you think can help you with a title.

"So, in the end, if the deal is there, I think they make it. But who's to say it's going to be there with all the uncertainty around the league?"

In the end, though, Friedell sees the Warriors as being fully committed to winning, regardless of how they go about it.

"This organization is proud, they're willing to spend a lot of money, and they want to continue the runway of being great. And if you have those kind of components, with Hall of Fame shooters coming back, who know how many people are doubting them -- that's why this year they can really make a difference.

"We'll see what happens with that draft pick. We'll see what happens with Andrew Wiggins. But this is a proud, proud team, and you should never discount how much a proud team has to prove when people have written them off.

Fellow guest Richard Jefferson, a former Warrior now doing NBA analysis for ESPN and the YES Network, agreed with Friedell.

"I think they need to get someone that they know can step in and play right away," Jefferson said. "I don't think they want a young, talented player, even if it's the right position. I love the Wiseman pick, because any other organization, he would be forced to do a bunch, play 40 minutes a night -- really develop. There, they're like, 'Listen, we're going to develop you slowly because we're going to be contending for a championship. I want you to screen, roll, and play defense.'

"And I think that's a great organization for him to be in. Any other perimeter guy that they could possibly draft is going to take time for him to develop. So i wouldn't be surprised to see the Warriors trade this pick -- we were talking about guys like Bradley Beal, stuff like that. You've got to get a player of a high level of ability. Mainly because they're contending for a championship, so you're not out here just kind of picking up projects, or guys with potential."

The draft was set for Nov. 18.

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