Colts to appear on first in-season 'Hard Knocks'


If this summer’s five-episode installment of Hard Knocks wasn’t enough football for you, wait until you see what HBO has in store for you.

That’s right. HBO is treating us to another surprise helping of Hard Knocks, this time taking their cameras to Indianapolis, where the Colts, led by newcomer Carson Wentz, are seeking their second playoff appearance in as many years. Hard Knocks’ new season has already begun filming and will premiere on November 17th.

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It’s a new angle for the long-running HBO series, which, until now, had only documented teams during training camp. Though the Colts do offer some intrigue—of all the plotlines, Wentz’s arrival on the heels of a chaotic final season in Philadelphia would seem to be the most compelling—reaction on Twitter was mixed with many wishing HBO had chosen a sexier team with more star appeal.