Dwight Freeney explains how Mark Sanchez may have indirectly cost the Colts a Super Bowl


Dwight Freeney has a hatred for quarterbacks, but it may be hard to find a quarterback he despises more than Mark Sanchez.

On Bleacher Report’s “Untold Stories,” Freeney suggested that Mark Sanchez, combined with the new rules to protect quarterbacks, may have cost the Colts a Super Bowl title in the 2009-10 season.

The Colts played the Jets in the AFC Championship game that year, and in the fourth quarter with the Colts up two scores, Freeney did something he wished he never had done.

“I got Sanchez lined up to completely just wipe him out,” he said. “Something goes through my head that says, ‘You know what, don’t hit the quarterback.’ It’s close. You might get a penalty; you might hurt the guy. I jump over him, do a little turn. When I land, he rolls on my ankle. Completely severs the ligaments in my ankle. I have a third-degree high-ankle sprain just because I tried to avoid hitting a quarterback.”

Freeney was told it would take four to six weeks to recover.

“The Super Bowl is in two weeks,” he said. “We probably lost the Super Bowl because I was hurt.”

Despite the injury, Freeney played in the Super Bowl, which the Colts lost 31-17 to the New Orleans Saints. Freeney finished with three tackles and a sack, but he was clearly not anywhere near 100% healthy for the game.

As for Mark Sanchez…

“Don’t let me see Mark Sanchez,” Freeney joked. “’Remember the time that I avoided you and had that high-ankle sprain?’ I’mma give him a little forearm shiver. Something.”

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