Jason Kelce: Nick Sirianni 'is the most productive team meeting coach I’ve ever been around'

By , Audacy

Jason Kelce has played for an array of coaches in his NFL career, including a legend in Andy Reid.

But there’s one area, in particular, where Nick Sirianni stands above the rest.

Kelce broke into the NFL when Reid was in the twilight of his run as Eagles head coach. The center, now 36, was around during the Chip Kelly and Doug Pederson eras, and now he’s in his third season with Sirianni.

Kelce was asked to compare Sirianni and Reid on Wednesday during his weekly appearance on the 94WIP Morning Show.

“It’s tough for me to analyze Andy because I was so young. I feel like at that stage I was not analyzing coaches – just bright eyed and bushy tailed, and Andy had been there for so long at that point, I was just trying to earn a spot on the team because in my second year I got hurt,” Kelce said. “I think Andy undoubtedly, he had this aura to him when I got here. And that was later in his career and it was this aura that nobody – I don’t really know how to say it. He was well-respected, everybody loved him, we were here when everything happened. It’s hard to truly compare the two.

“Obviously I was here for Nick when he first got a head coaching job, the press conference and all these things, you could see him working into being a head coach. So it was two very different parts of their careers.”

Kelce then explained that Sirianni’s way of handling team meetings is the best he’s ever experienced.

”They’re both outstanding leaders, they take accountability as good as anybody," Kelce said. "They might be a little bit different in maybe how they speak, or maybe their mannerisms and whatnot, but they both take accountability for their mistakes, they both hold you accountable to your mistakes.

"I think that Nick does such a phenomenal job in our team meetings, does such a phenomenal job at the overall game management side of it – and that’s not to say Andy didn’t do that, again, I was so young.

“Nick is eye-opening, and I’ve said this before, I think he really is the most productive team meeting coach I’ve ever been around. Between the clips of the game, the clips of what people did well, people didn’t do well, he really gets a lot of value out of those clips. He really goes out of his way to talk to each different group, he’s an outstanding communicator, he’s an outstanding facilitator, communication is something I think is important for a head coach.”

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